People often ask why I include the butterfly image in my logo, or they assume it's just because I like butterflies. Well, I do like butterflies...but there’s also a little more to it. The word ‘psychology’, derived from ancient Greek, literally translates to 'the study of the soul', -psyche meaning ‘soul’, and -ology meaning ‘the study of’. Psyche, in Greek, also doubled as the word for butterfly; thus the butterfly and psychology became inextricably linked throughout time. I love the idea of the butterfly as it relates to psychology — a being limited to land undergoes a process of growth and transformation that ultimately frees it to fly. As a psychologist, I am honored to participate in your process of liberation.

Many people who come to therapy often feel limited in some way. Sometimes they have a clear idea of what is holding them back, or what needs to change. Other times they may be less clear, but simply have a nagging notion that something is “just not quite right”. However you come to therapy, we will study your soul together. Looking at everything that makes you you — your values, goals, memories, challenges, and dreams — we figure out what's working, and we work to change what's not. Similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, parts of the process can feel unfamiliar, unknown, and uncomfortable. These feelings don’t necessarily signify that anything bad is happening, but rather that an important process is unfolding — a process that I support you in along the way.

The decision to come to therapy is a courageous one, and a deeply personal one. If I can answer any questions for you about therapy in general or my approach in particular, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.